Willowbrook Burr Ridge Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Cost: $26 per person
Vendors/exhibitors are free
(but must pay for lunch)
Holiday Inn-Countryside
6201 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL

This day is devoted to honoring all the
administrative professionals and office assistants for their ongoing contributions to our village, retail, service, corporate and industrial businesses. Our celebration includes a delicious luncheon, a guest speaker, gift bags and raffle prizes.

An additional bonus is a variety of personal care services offered, free to guests, by our Chamber businesses i.e. chair massages, etc.

This event is open to the public and all local businesses that have an interest in participating in this popular administrative recognition program/ luncheon.

Menu: Fruit Medley, Stuffed Chicken
Florentine, Duchess Potatoes, Julienne
Carrots and Chocolate Dessert.

Guest Speaker

Suzan HaydenAuthor/Astrologist

Suzan is the author of "Star Power Astrology" and will provide information on how astrology can be
used as a tool in helping individuals make life decisions.

Suzan will be available for a 10 minute
reading at a cost of $20.



Advance Reservations Only
Ticket Price is $26 a person

For more information, call
(630) 654-0909 or
e-mail for information:

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